Dallas Fiber Fest 2013


So I know this month is supposed to be all about spring, but I have to show off all of my fabulous finds and good times from the Dallas Fiber Fest this past weekend.

My friends and I did a little whirlwind tour as we couldn’t stay the whole weekend and we didn’t really have our acts together in time to sign up for classes and such. But the trek to Dallas was totally worth it and such a great time (despite my allergy-medicine induced coma – see this IS a spring blog post!).

TWITTER-BUTTONS6Even the four-hour drive up to the Fest was incredible, given some mighty fine stops up north, including these fine moments from my Twitter posts:

Some much needed road-trip grub:


Of course, some shopping:

Then, OMG In-N-Out in TEXAS!!

See? Already loads of exciting stuff.

Instead of waxing poetic about all of the cool things I happened upon at the festival, here’s a little photo tour of fibers and fun stuff from the booths, including my knitters and I posing with some ‘staches I made for our trip. The festival had lots of fiber arts vendors, selling yarn, spinning tools, knitting and crochet accessories, even gorgeous bowls meant to hold your yarn. Heaven! We walked around, further stalked the MadTosh booth and were happy to discover lots of local knit stores an fiber producers, such as WC Mercantile in Navasota and Western Sky Knits, based out of Magnolia. I love to shop locally so these two in particular will be seeing me shortly!

fiber fest

Of course, I have to show you my purchases.I think I’ve taken my goods out to look at the twelve times since Sunday. I cannot hold back my excitement. I was good, thank goodness my scheme worked. I took out my pre-determined budget from the ATM before leaving and I stuck to it, whew!

First up is my fiber purchase from the Madeline Tosh store. Her colors are to dye for (har har, get it? Get it? Yea, I know…sorry). So I was just going to buy something little there, like a pattern (which I did, of course). But I wanted to save my yarn purchases for hte actual festival. But then I couldn’t keep my grimy hands off of this skein of sock weight yarn. Can you blame me? The color is called Saffron, which I also happen to love. yarn 2

As I mentioned, I also bought a pattern for this uber-cool vest. It will take about four skeins of DK weight, which is perfect because I have a gift card from my guy for Valentines that I’m dying to use at Twisted Yarns. I already have a yarn in mind, if they have it by Western Sky Knits, a gorgeous dark turquoise with an undertone of black called Forest Night.


My purchase at the FiberFest was some gorgeous bamboo lace weight yarn from the FiberLady which I decided I must have after realizing that bamboo is perfect if I want to wear my knits in the summer here in Texas. Have you ever been here? Yea, it is like 110 in the summer with 90% humidity….you’d have to be crazy to put on wool. So this will end up as some sort of summer shawlette. I love the colors, a shimmery teal and grey which remind me of the San Diego ocean (and cooler days).yarn 1

That was my weekend at the Dallas Fiber Fest…you will undoubtedly see my Ravelry queue grow in the next few weeks as I start to find patterns for these. Excitement!



7 thoughts on “Dallas Fiber Fest 2013

  1. What fun! I had this on my calendar but couldn’t make it. I take a class on Saturday mornings that I don’t like to miss. The 3 1/2 hour drive from houston would have put me there too late! So glad you shared your fiber adventure.

    • It was fun!! You should totally join us next year. I’d love to do some of the classes. Visiting the booths really made me want to learn how to weave (as if I need another hobby?!!)

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