Pookah Goes Shopping!

So, I’m going to try my hand at some Pinterest experiments this weekend. Who can resist all of those recipes for do-it-yourself drain cleaner and yoga mat disinfectant? I know I can’t! Oh Pinterest, stop mocking me.

I told my guy about this the other day and I got a very strange look and a “You know, I’m just going to buy the stuff I like to use”…Yes, yes I know. And good, because there is always the high potential that my mad-scientist experiments will not work out.

But in my obliviousness excitement, I gathered all of the gear I need to hold my ingredients and now I just need to pick up the ingredients. So far, pretty easy:

  • Baking Soda
  • Vinegar
  • Water
  • Lemon Juice
  • Cinnamon Sticks
  • Witch Hazel
  • Dish soap
  • Peppermint leaves – check! Oh ya, this girl’s even growing them herself! Pow! How you like them apples, Mother Earth?!
  • Essential Oils

Wait! Erm…essential oils you say? Ga, thank goodness I spent the last seven years in San Diego and have a vague idea of how to get my hands on these. Alas, I now live in Texas. Typically, Texans like our BBQ, not tofu…you can see where I’m going with this.

So, I attack my ever-faithful Yelp and search for “natural food store” nearby. The first result?


I almost fell off my chair.

Excuse me? Walmart is anything but natural and should really not be selling food so the only thing left that pertains to that search in a nice way is “store”. Nope.butters

Later down the search though was this lovely little entry for the Brazos Natural Food store around the block from the university. Ding, ding, ding! I headed there after work, walked in, took a deep breath and felt like I was back in California. Thank you healthy people of Texas.

And then I went a little crazy. Who wouldn’t go crazy upon seeing all of these natural butters? Yes, the photo is kinda blurry, no doubt due to my crazed excitement over finding tiny packets of chocolate hazelnut butter. I also felt like a weirdo.

I went there for a couple tiny bottles of essential oil and left like this.haul

Brown rice pasta in the shape of farm animals! Ginger Beer! Panda licorice!

Oh, how my brain hurt. I was headed to the gym right afterward which was the only thing that saved me from ransacking their frozen aisle.

I know you can barely see them, but I really did get two tiny bottles of essential oils because I was totally and utterly focused on buying incredible pea- or bean-based snacks this project.


I chose two different scents for my DIY cleaning supplies. The first, a lemon eucalyptus essential oil (Now Essential Oils, $5.50) because that sounds like it would smell clean. The second a tea tree oil (Aura Cacia Organic, $8). You may remember that one of my goals in life is for my home to smell like my yoga studio because it smells so amazingly earthy and open. This does that, to the extreme. Plus, I found out that tea tree oil is good for a multitude of beauty products so, hmmm…future spring blog post?

After opening these bottles up and smelling, I’m really excited about making my own cleaning and aromatherapy supplies! “Nailed It” Pinterest photo…here I come!



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