The Creative Pay-It-Forward, Part One!

Around the start of the new year, I joined in on a little bit of fun on Facebook called “the creative pay-it-foward” where friends exchange little gifts of creativity to the first five friends who “like” your post on Facebook. This, is ridiculous amounts of fun.

My first victim is my gal over at AB Takes CA, a friend who I met in San Diego after she moved from Texas…then a few month later I moved to Texas. Wah, wah, wah. I frequently would shake my fist and exclaim, “couldn’t our paths of crossed earlier?!” Or pleading “come on, you know you want to move back to Texas for me your family.” Sadly, my pleadings never work. adr's gift

So instead, I decided to send AB some of Texas. My creative gifts for her were a monogrammed frame that cross-stitched with her initial (all the cool people have names that start with A, true) along with a beer coozy from the famous pooBuc-ees truck stop, where you can purchase an amazing array of snacks for the road. Seriously, this place is like a mall in heaven. So I threw in a little Texas pecan praline to remind her of home. Since AB is also a knitter and I met her in my San Diego knitting group, I threw in one of the uber cute pouches I found at Michaels which are perfect for those pokey DPNs.

Sadly, it took me until April to send my first creative pay-it-forward gift. I’m ashamed further that it really took receiving my first gift to truly get my rear in motion. I swear though, I have been creating a running list of gifts since January and am now I’m fully in creation mode!

Coincidentally, the first gift I received was from the incredible AB Takes CA! gift

I’d like to say right now that this girl makes me insanely envious with her style and packaging. She is incredible! As soon as the package arrived I oooh’d because it was even rad on the outside, decorated with nifty patterned duct tape. And inside, many treasures!notes

There were adorable striped socks, yummy chocolates (already gone), a sweet cupcake card and the best was a huge monogrammed notepad. Obviously, she is happily enabling my chocolate and list-making addictions! I loved every bit of my gift.

I love this gift exchange idea so much. It’s like Christmas or my birthday all year round! Receiving snail mail really is such a fantastic thing, makes you feel all kinds of special. I really think we all need to be a part of a crafting-it-forward exchange!

Have you been involved in any exchanges? If so, where’d you hear about them from?




2 thoughts on “The Creative Pay-It-Forward, Part One!

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