Easy Crafting

If you’ve been reading this blog for a while you may know already that my patience level is set at zero. I have little patience for big projects. I’m always amazed at myself when I can complete a sock’s pair. Believe me, there are many striped, mismatched heels waiting for me to get with it.

So, obviously I love a quick craft.

A while back, my knitting pal and I were visiting Michaels and we happened upon these amazing little colorful frames. I grabbed a few not knowing what I would do with them. I had recently started craving cross stitch at that time and my pal, a genius, recommended that I do some cool cross stitching for them.

Best. Idea. Ever.

frameI knew right away that I wanted to give one to my pay-it-forward friend and decided to do the same for myself. I found some cool ideas and got to cutting and stitching.

I was completing thebest cross stitch project ever, so I was learning letters for the first time. These became the basis for my monogrammed frames. Fun!

I was looking and looking for other ideas and one kept coming up. I have been dreaming about an anchor tattoo for the longest time, but recently changed my mind. But I still adore them, so I Google image searched for a cross stitch anchor and yahoo! Found a pattern. What did we do before Google, anyone, anyone? stich

I really want to start making my own cross stitch patterns and feel a little worried about my abilities. Remember how bad I am at measuring? Yup. Disaster waiting to happen.

Does anyone have any tips or tricks from their cross stitching to share?



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