Farewell Dear April

Hi friends!

How was your weekend?

Mine largely consisted of this.




I know you are all incredibly jealous. After this month of blogging about spring, this is what spring in Tejas has really meant to me. I’m a sniffling, sneezing mess.


But I did get to enjoy this view.

photo 3


How beautiful is that? It almost makes all of that sneezing worth it. Even with all of the sniffles, I am itching to get outside, go camping and run in the grass.

I’m ready to get back into more DIY and crafting for the next month though, I fear that my DIY product making was no good. Much like cooking, I am not meant to mix. I must avenge myself.

I’m not quite sure thought that yarn is where I’m supposed to go to avenge myself. I’ve been having this issue with craft commitment lately though. Have you had this?

Remember these beautiful yarns I bought during my weekend at the Fiber Festival? I am incredibly unable to do anything with them. I cast on, I re-cast on, I make a mistake, become frustrated and literally huff and puff and throw them down. I am looking for an incredibly easy pattern so I can relax and mindlessly knit. Work has been a challenge lately so I’d really just like to space out with my knitting and not hear any voices for a good two weeks. I realize the patterns I choose will become easy and memorized after a short time with them, but I just cannot give over that hump.

What do you do when you’ve hit the knitterly proverbial brick wall? I need a reset!





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