Sometimes knitting completely surprises me. I try a new technique and gape in amazement, wondering just how does this even work? You see actors in a movie just moving their hands to pantomime knitting and yes, sometimes it really just does feel as magical as that. Have you had this experience?

As I mentioned yesterday, I was completely stuck with my new yarn. I kept casting on, becoming frustrated and really close to just giving up. One major thorn in my side was the crochet provisional cast on.

Provisional what, what?



But at knitting group this weekend, a friend explained it a bit easier to wrap my head around. The pattern I had made it sound incredibly terrible so I just shrugged and said nope, going to do my own thing…which really wasn’t a good idea after I read the rest of the directions. Rawr. So I went home feeling better with these new directions – simply crochet a chain and then insert your needle into the crochet bump at the bottom and knit away. Seems easy!

I chained 119 stitches with my bit of scarp yarn and inserted my needle into the first bump, no problem. Then, crap. Where is that next bump? I tried to pick up these incredibly tiny bumps and put them onto my very tiny needle and knit with tiny bamboo lace-weight yarn. Oh boy. I was a fuming mess. I must just admit it, I am not meant to crochet. Please remind me of this next time I say, “Oh yes, I am totally going to put my crochet hat back on and make this cute little blah.”

While the smoke was rising out of my eyes I thankfully had the piece of mind to Google “crochet provisional cast on alternatives”. And lo and behold. Magic.

A page promising that the provisional cast on was my friend appeared. Guffaw. You obviously don’t know me and shouldn’t make these kinds of judgements so quickly because I fear you are completely and entirely wrong, dear knitter. Ha, friends? Just who do you think you are?


Shut. The. Front. Door.

photoThis = easy. Instead of pulling my hair out I could make a slip knot with both my waste yarn and working yarn and just long-tail cast on? Yes! All you have to do is make sure to hold the waste yarn over my thumb and the working yarn over my index finger. The other beauty of this is that you don’t have to reserve extra bits of yarn (which, of course leads to trying to cast on 119 stitches but only getting to 109 and realizing you don’t have enough yarn). Squeals!

This is furthermore indicative of how much knitting can completely blow my mind. The scrap yarn ends up at the bottom of the needle while your working yarn is live on stitches. Supposedly at the end I can just unravel the scrap and then use these live stitches. I’ve said this in my knitting classes many time…I really want to meet the crazy people who sat around and had the audacity to dream this stuff up. They are evil, wonderful magicians.

To read the entire directions, please visit Knit and Tonic. You can thank me later (perhaps with a pretty shawl?).

Like Magic.

I have been inspired again!




One thought on “Magic

  1. I recently did the crochet provisional cast on because the other methods didn’t make sense to me. Now I want to try this one!!! More importantly…what are you making?!

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