Mayday, Mayday

Yep, that’s a big old alert there. Why, you ask? Because for the month of May, my blog theme is a big scary mess of DIY experimentatin.

I know, I didn’t quite learn from my DIY spring cleaning…but since this challenge involves fabrics and yarn I think I will be safe from harm. Stop scoffing at me.

Here’s the skinny.

owl necklace

When I moved to Texas I was struck by how many well-accessorized women sashay around this state. For the most part, these gals know how to put together an outfit. (But one thing I can do without? Large rhinestone-bedazzled crosses on a background of pink camouflage. Sorry to offend but war-decorated, sparkling visages of religion/hunting just aren’t my thing.) In comparison, my boring San Diegan self just lacked a whole lot of sparkle. So I embraced the bling and started adding to my earring collection and buying more necklaces, like this lovely owl necklace pictured to the left. Charming Charlies is my bestest friend in the land. I’m still trying to add some color to my jewelry, I fear I’m a bit of a plain Jane.

This brings me to my challenge. Confession. I am cheap and have an unshakable confidence in my ability to make things. I live by the phrase “Why buy it when I can make it?” (remind me later: Because sometimes its just a whole lot easier, my friend).

Hence my very dangerous Why Buy It When You Can Make It? Pinterest board, which includes DIY treasures from home good to super cute accessories.

My goal this month is to make one accessory a week. I have selected a few simple looking goodies: from zipper bracelets, DIY pouches to necklaces that include washers. Yup, washers!

Good grief I’m excited.



6 thoughts on “Mayday, Mayday

  1. I want to do this! I decided to start “investing” in good jewelry last year but it is expensive! Instead of dropping $25 every time I visited a cheap accessory store (Charming Charlies, F21, Versona, etc.), I decided to save that and buy “real” stuff. Plus, the cheap stuff turns me green. I bought a $10 (on clearance) gold scroll bracelet from Macy’s a few months back, think it would be good. Nope! The finish wore off, now it looks weird and it turns me green. Then I saw it for $8 bucks at Target in silver. Then on F21 2 weeks later, in both silver and gold for like $3. Really!?

    I keep thinking I’ll make stuff instead… but I hesitate to buy supplies because to always end up with more than you need. has loads of ideas for DIY jewlery, if you need more inspiration! Super excited to see what you’re going to make!

  2. 1.) Laughed out loud at your blinged out crosses on camp comment BECAUSE IT’S TRUE!

    2.) I’m itching to see what you make! Stalked your board…love it all and love your idea of making one accessory for yourself per week. That’s four new things by the end of the month! (I’m really good at math, btw). Can’t wait to see what you churn out!

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