How to Eat Your Way Through Austin

This weekend my friend and I took a short drive to Austin, what I have deemed the mecca of flavor. Let’s just say that I ate twice at food trucks…within four hours of each other.Basically, I ate my way through Austin and now have to eat salad the rest of the week. And it was worth every calorie. Get ready for some drool-worthy photos all.

ice cream

A la mode at Must Be Heaven

We started off the drive by stopping at the adorable Must Be Heaven in Brenham. I had a yummy quiche with sausage, cheddar Rotel, a Texas staple along with a side of broccoli salad. But really, what is most important here is the dessert: Bourbon Chocolate Chip Pecan Pie ala mode with Vanilla Bluebell ice cream. Heavenly.

We stuffed ourselves back in our car and headed to Austin so we could focus on more important things, like beer and food trucks. We were heading to a performance that evening and I wasn’t sure what time it would be over so we headed to Rainey St. early and wow, I’m glad we did. We jumped out of the taxi and headed for the first bar we could find. It was so amazing we didn’t bother with another the entire night. We spotted Craft Pride and said “Well, it’s either crafts or beer…either way we can’t go wrong!” True. That.

craft pride

In my opinion, Craft Pride is the best bar in town

As you know, I’m a Texas newbie from San Diego, which has an impressive craft beer scene. Stumbling upon Craft Pride put a huge smile on my face. I love checking out local brews and am now officially overly excited about what my new state has to offer. I was pleased to see the new brewery in my town, Lone Pint! During my two trips here I tried the Yogi Chai Spiced Amber Ale by Rogness, Don Jalapeno Ale by No Label, and the Texas Honey Ale. All were fantastic. Next time, you may not be able to drag me out of here.


Rainey St, food truck mecca

In between visits to Craft Pride, we realized we may need to eat before the performance. Just down the street was a courtyard full of food trucks so we decided we would get some fried pickles to hold us over (you know, because that lunch just wasn’t enough! Ga!). The nice gentleman at Beef Cake food truck ended up talking us into trying a triple play of his sliders, we chose the Original, Cordon Bleu and the Maverick (how can you turn down bacon). More than we needed for a snack, but who can resist burgers and fried pickles?

We went to the performance (an Austin showing of a performance I will be involved with in College Station) and headed right back to Craft Pride. After sampling some more (jalapeno beer? say what?!), we decided to check out even more food trucks! We ended the night with a late night dinner at ChiLantro BBQ, a Korean BBQ food truck where we had magical orange sauce and lots of spicy flavors. We got to meet the truck’s owner here too who told us that they also had some trucks down in Houston. He surprised us by ordering a of their famous kim-chi fries for us to sample (spicy and amazing!). Could people here be nicer? It’s kind of scary good.

woodlandThe next morning we grabbed some brunch on S. Congress before heading home. We had narrowed our choices down to” two Yelp 4/5 star-ers” that I found. After staking out Magnolia Cafe, we decided to open-up Woodland a few blocks down. I realize there is something very wrong with me, because I’ve never tried chicken and waffles before. I know now there is a reason why, it is carb craziness…yet again, worth every bite.

Austin. Is. The. Best. Everyone was strange, polite and happy…reminded me a lot of home.

knitsOh and guess what I did on the drive? Yup, there was some crafting going on (other than the beer variety). Thanks to finding a cast-on my silly self could handle, I am well on my way on my newest accessory, using my yarn from the Dallas Fiber Fest. Holla! I’m working the gorgeous Moonrise Shawl with my new bamboo yarn. It’s shimmery and gorgeous, see?!

And now I must intravenously feed myself vegetables and lean protein only. Please pray for me.

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