DIY Stackable Square Knot Bracelets

My HipstaPrint 992364485There are times in my life when I believe I am too dense for the most dumb of Dummies books. This week has been one of them. My first DIY accessory that I wanted to attach this month is one dear to my heart because it involves yarn.

When a friend found out that I was looking for DIY accessories to create, she posted this fabulous tutorial for me on Pinterest.

Yes! This is the best idea to start off my month because I don’t even have to go shopping yet for gear! Plus, it’s super cute and reminds me of 6th grade camp friendship bracelets. Winning!

The Yarn Stackable Bracelet promised to be a quick accessory that any knitter could quickly make to enhance their outfit. Every knitter has colorful scrap yarn and this is a great way to delve into DIY accessories…I mean, we knitters excel at yarn, right?

At least that is how I was going to present it to you all.

And then I tried to follow along with all of the simple directions. Psah. Simple.

I spent two nights looking at web tutorials and recommended YouTube videos. There is one spot I would consistently be frustrated with because I could not figure out if my yarn went in the loop or under the loop. One video looked promising and then poof! The creator actually just drew an arrow and skipped that part in the video. Really? REALLY?!

Finally, I found this one.

My savior! It finally all clicked.

This bracelet is created by doing short square knots, which is easy once you figure out where you are supposed to put which yarn and get a rhythm going. Finding that out is key…the rest is a breeze

Hints:My HipstaPrint 992364485-3

  • There are a few ways to do this, as evidenced by the multitude of videos I saw. If this one doesn’t work try another one.
  • Don’t bother with picture tutorials! It is helpful to see someone in action. This is why God created YouTube.
  • You have to alternate sides and this proved too difficult for my late night brain. To help keep me on track, I would repeat “ONE” while working the right side. Then “TWO” while working the left side. I think I kept these thoughts in my head since my guy was studying for a final, but also feel free to yell them out loud. Maybe in  German?
  • Tape is your best friend. Really anchor that middle piece down or you will be screaming profanities (maybe in German as well?)



4 thoughts on “DIY Stackable Square Knot Bracelets

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