On Finding a New Aisle in the Craft Store

How many of you have now tried out the square knot bracelets? I don’t know about you, but I’m addicted.

I went on a trip to Hobby Lobby and Michaels last week to purchase a multitude of jewelry making supplies and was completely shocked at how much there is! I guess I’ve always just completely rushed by that section on my way to the yarn without a blink. Seriously, next time stop! I was able to find different kinds of leather, woven fibers and the like to make more bracelets. Plus, they have a ton of clasps that you can use and anything you can imagine to make necklaces, earrings and bracelets.

Here are some of the goods from my shopping spree.

  • Round Leather Lace Black $1.99
  • Deerskin Lace in Saddle Tan $2.99
  • Copper clasps and beads – $1.29 – $1.99

My HipstaPrint 992364485-11Also, please check out that adorable clutch! Have you heard of UmbaBox? It is a subscription goodies service that celebrates all things handmade.  I recently signed up and this fabulous hand-painted leather clutch from the very talented Florence Oliver was in my very first package. I am in love. I wanted to use it for fancy occasions, but since I rarely go fancy, I decided it will hold my jewelry-making materials for now. It makes me smile every day.

My HipstaPrint 992364485-10The first thing I made from my shopping spree was a square knot bracelet out of a teal colored deer skin. This was a whopping $1.99.  Who knew jewelry could be this cheap? I feel cheated in life.

Check a look at my braided bracelets I’m wearing today. One is purchased and one made. One was expensive and one was not. I like to think you can’t tell! Sure, one has a better clasp and probably a few less mistakes but both are adorable.

Plus, doesn’t it just feel good to wear something you’ve made? Yes, you have the right to bear DIY and brag.




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