Industrial Jewelry

Good afternoon friends!

My merry month of jewelry making continues and I’m loving it. I’ve discovered a completely new aisle in the craft store, which is extremely dangerous. But you know what I like best? When you find supplies in the most in-ordinary of places. Take, for instance, this week’s project, which I hinted at this weekend. A gorgeous necklace made out of the most simple items: some ribbon and washers. You know, washers from the hardware store. You use them in between nuts and bolts or something, to protect it from rust damage. I’m totally pretending I know what these are for, but it sounds close, right?

materialsI recently pinned a tutorial on making a gorgeous ribbon necklace and was itching to try it. I know we had washers in the toolbox but I wanted some fresh ones, that matched and possibly didn’t include rust stains on them. After a short trip to my craft store and then hardware store, I had my supplies. I did have to dart around some burly manly men, hoping no one would ask me what I need these for. Success.

One word: CHEAP! This by far the most inexpensive necklace I own and I adore that. I purchased my ribbon for $1.99 and two bags of washers, 1/4″ sized whatever that means, for a whopping 80 cents a pack. You do the math (I probably can’t). Yup, this is a $3.59 necklace, and I still have loads of ribbon left over. Holla!

necklace making 2After shopping, I set up my materials, propped up my iPad and followed the photo tutorial on Pinterest. It is pretty easy, but you have to make sure to following the movement of the ribbon to a T. Otherwise, the washers will not place properly. If you do this correctly, the ribbon will secure the washer in place and overlay the next one  on top to make a beautiful chain of washers.

You can follow the photo tutorial on the Nestled blog (shout-out to a fellow Ohioan!).  She has great directions. I couldn’t find the link to the first instance of the project, only the pin. So I sadly did not have her great directions when I made this! Because of this, I have a couple pieces of advice to keep you on track with this project.necklaces

1. Don’t forget to pull the ribbon back through the washer to secure! This is photo #5 on the tutorial. I kept forgetting that crucial part and wondering why my washers would look wrong. Doing this ensures that you are set up for the next washer.

2. Make sure to cut a very long piece of ribbon. I wasn’t sure if the washers would line up to the right or the left of the first washer. Once I saw that they lined up to the right, I realized I didn’t have enough ribbon. Just cut a huge piece and start your first washer a bit to the left. You can size up the ribbon with your washers smack in the middle when you are done, then even it out and snip off the excess ribbon. Remember that the washers will not move! This strategy worked for me.1b4a7360ba9b11e2875a22000aaa0594_7

I adore my new necklace and received lots of compliments when I wore it yesterday. It felt great to exclaim, “I made it!! No doubt that is why I appear so triumphant in this picture. Since then, I’ve been thinking of other color combinations. Don’t you think it would pretty in an coral color?

Your turn!



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