Hanging Out: Jewelry Organization

I’ve opened the floodgates. Upon figuring out how to make one cute braided bracelet, I’ve decided to go a little crazy and make a bunch more…and the month just started.

This could be dangerous.

Thankfully, my DIY-crazed brain has prepared for an abundance of jewelry. Thanks again, to Pinterest. Here’s a quick look at how I organize my jewelery.

By now, I’m sure you have all learned that I live in a very small space, very. small. space. Strangely enough, I love it. I hung up a new picture in our studio yesterday and fell asleep telling my guy that I really love our little home. I meant it. It is small and holds everything we need, especially since I have a Keurig. This small space has meant; however, that I spend lots of time dreaming about Apartment Therapy’s Small Spaces with evil thoughts ideas and most importantly, that I have learned how to use the walls in our small space. Thusly, most of my jewelry rests on the walls in our bathroom.


My necklace organization is pretty simple right now. I hung an industrial-sized hook from Ikea and place the longer necklaces on the back part and the shorter up front. photo 3-1Easy Peasy. Sometimes they get tangled though, so I, of course, have done my DIY research and came up with two projects.

Queued: Wood hanger necklace organizer. This looks easy… like most things on Pinterest, I’m sure it is not.

On My Wishlist: A necklace organizer on a rake! Way down on the to-do list…like for when we get a house because I don’t think our tight space is the best place to place a rusty rake right now.


My earrings fall into three categories: dangly, studs and other. “Other” are those random bits for which I’ve lost one and refuse to throw away the other in hopes of stumbling upon its mate one day. I’m sure I’m not alone in this collection. Those go into my random jewelry box of hope. The others are organized nicely.

The Studs

earringsRecently I’ve taken up cross-stitch and have become obsessed. It occurred to me, and other geniuses on Pinterest, that cross stitch weavery make the best earring holders for your studs. Functional and more importantly, you can display them in a pretty way. I have my most used studs on a little oval hoop and have been planning on adding a little something to fancy it up. Ideas:

I like the idea of stitching a nice background and just adding in the earrings randomly. This one features some cute insects.

Or an ocean wave.

Another idea I’ve considered is a decorative border. I’d have to make my earring holder larger and I’m okay with that. More excuses to buy earrings!


earring frameI love dangly earrings. I have actually been afraid of necklaces for so long that dangly earrings have been my main go-to for dressing up. They always got tangled up, until I found a Pinterest project to solve my problem.

My guy helped me with this Pinterest project and ever since I’ve totally been able to get his help when gathering supplies and making projects. He actually wants to make one of these for all of his girl friends. How amazing is that?

Learn how to make your own chicken wire earring holder here!

As I stalk people on Pinterest, I’ve found out that there are lots of ingenious ways to organize your jewelry. I’m currently looking for one to organize bracelets. Any ideas folks?20130507-225458.jpg


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