Pookah Gets Foodie

Pinterest. The source of all good things and bad.


Happy Graduation Day!

This weekend was a big one at our house. My guy had his graduation ceremony Saturday morning and that evening we had a huge party to celebrate with friends and family. This means that the hours in between were spent deep in food preparation.

Months ago, I had looked for something to make for his party. He loves peanut butter cups so I was excited when I stumbled upon these fantastic peanut butter cup graduation caps on Pinterest. Yes! This means I spent the last month searching for supplies and fretting that they will not look even close to graduation caps. I mean, have you seen the Pinterest Nailed Its?! I found a might fine collection of them here.

And now that you know me, you understand my cooking limitations…right? So you can see why I was worried. I was completely ready to yell “use your imagination people!” if they questioned my culinary contraptions.

Surprisingly, they turned out well! Here’s the details for lovelies I made.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Graduation Caps


  • Miniature peanut butter cups
  • Hersey bars
  • Fudge icing
  • Watermelon-flavored Big League Chew (it’s green!)
  • Icing


  • Sucker sticks (available at Michaels)
  • Floral arrangement foam – 6 pack of blocks
  • Blue wrapping paper


1. Unwrap foil wrap of peanut butter cup and place sucker stick in top part of peanut butter cup.

2. Freeze! Hint: My sister made these before and warned me that parts of chocolate will easily fall off when you un-peel the wax cover of the cup. Plus, I live in Texas = melting.

3. Wrap foam blocks in blue wrapping paper. This will be the base for which you place the pops.

4. Once cups are frozen (I waited a good five hours), Take them out and pierce them through the foam blocks. The peanut butter cup should be upside down. Hint: Remember to leave width for the top of the caps! I fit 10 suckers on each block because I staggered their height.


Starting the pops!

5. Coat top of the pop with fudge icing. Place a square of Hersey’s chocolate bar on top. Hint: If you are fancy you can use Godiva and they already come in squares!

6. Freeze! Again, Texas. If you live in Minnesota, you may not need to do this, but I think it is easier to work with them when frozen. We froze them overnight.

7. Take out one block at a time to decorate! Be prepared for condensation. Place a tiny strip of Big League Chew on top and squeeze a dot of icing on top to keep secure. We used colored icing in a squeezable tube. Hint: I spent months looking for sour straws that were in strips and couldn’t find any. My goal was to have these instead, but searching to no avail. Plus, they don’t make pull-apart Twizzlers in our area. Big League Chew was a great substitute though.

8. We froze them again until it was dessert time. It was a crisp 92 degrees on party day…ug.

9. Enjoy!

I am incredibly happy with how they turned out and very thankful to have a friend to help decorate. I think we are very talented ladies. They seemed to be a big hit with the crowd and I was super pleased to have made something edible that people liked. Huzzah!



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