Summer Eating

Hi there,


This tomatoes are just screaming to be on a veggie pizza, dontcha think?!

I’m trying to catch up with life after being off for a little over a week. It is amazing how things build up, like blog posts to read, emails to reply to, NPR podcasts to listen to, laundry to be sorted and catching up on important things in life…like television.

Also on the top of my list? My blog theme for June!

June’s theme was hoisted upon me while Googling for “Cheese-less Chicken Parmesan”. I know, I know this sounds like a terrible idea. You see, my guy doesn’t eat cheese. Is your face confused right now? Yup. So I’m Googling and thinking that I really need to learn how to make food that he likes and that recipes would be a great theme for this month! I even have some fresh veggies sprouting from our garden! I have all of these fantastic ideas which all turn out delicious, of course. There are some issues though, of course.

  1. I can’t cook.
  2. What I do cook, my guy just doesn’t like to eat. (i.e. Asian foods or things that are not fried. My love is definitely a Texan!)
  3. I am very limited for time each night. I drive over an hour home from work and most nights I don’t feel like spending time cooking, especially if I go to the gym after work.
  4. I live next to my guy’s mom and boy can she cook! Her food is delicious and there are many times that I come home with the intent of cooking something healthy/amazing/eatable and then I look at her scrumptious fried shrimp/tacos/barbeque chicken and I opt to enjoy my dinner instead by eating hers.

So, you can see…this will be a challenge.

Question for you guys. Where do you like to search for recipes? Do you have a favorite website, app, blog or cookbook? One of my favorites is the Foodily app on my iPad. I hope to create some lists of favorites during this month!






3 thoughts on “Summer Eating

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  2. He doesn’t eat cheese?! Aren’t most southern things fried and covered in cheese? Or maybe that’s gravy… Is it an allergy/sensitivity? Or does he just not like cheese? Which is hard to comprehend…

    Chicken Parmesan is basically just breaded chicken, with sauce and mozzarella. You can batter the chicken in egg with panko bread crumbs, fry it, then slather in marinara sauce. There are a couple of cheese alternatives out there – Daiya is a vegan cheese (rice based, I think).

    If you want to test out some recipes or learn new cooking techniques – I am totally game to do that one weekend!

    I’m biased… but is my favorite place to search for recipes. 😉 There is an iPhone app too! I rarely lack for ideas to cook, and the website makes it pretty easy to search (or archive/favorite) for specific recipes. I usually pick my main ingredient (usually meat, maybe a vegetable we need to eat soon) and go from there.

    • I tell you, you ARE creating a monster right now. I’ve always meant to look at foodgawker and now I am hooked. Dangerous.

      Yup, no cheese. Doesn’t like the taste of it. How that is even possible, I dunno. He tells me he wishes he loved cheese because pizza smells so delicious. Oh yes…it is….

      Yes, yes! I would love to come over and cook with you. I’ve been wanting to try to make sushi or something else that is challenging…but I totally need a shoulder to cry on if/when it doesn’t work (because I am basically cursed)…be my shoulder?!!


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