Home-Grown Goodness

homegrownI’ve got the best challenge for this week! I’m trying to get back into my cleaning eating routine, which is quite the disaster when your refrigerator is full of tasty summer treats like ice cream!Ug!

So I decided to challenge myself to use the veggies from my garden, because: #1. I love my garden and #2 We’ve been attacked by ants! The ants agreed that our squash is as delciious as I thought it was and spent the entire time we were on vacation noshing on our plants. Boo!

So here’s the challenge:

Can I use each of the vegetables from my homegrown harvest this week in one dish? You betcha! These are delicious and are just asking to be paired together.

You have to wait to see my grub, but in the meantime…How about you? What would you do with my fresh picks?

  • yellow squash
  • green pepper
  • jalapeno
  • roma tomato




3 thoughts on “Home-Grown Goodness

  1. Oh no! Stupid ants. That’s awful… they need to chow down elsewhere! I am totally jealous. We didn’t know we were staying in this apartment, so I didn’t plant anything this year. I miss homegrown veggies! We always had a garden when I was growing up and they taste so much better.

    I’ve been looking at canning fresh veggies. You could totally do something like that with the peppers, jalapenos and tomatoes. I bet it would taste amazing! Homemade tomato sauce/soup or sun-dried (oven-roasted) tomatoes are good too. We eat a lot of zucchini and yellow squash sauteed with garlic salt, pepper and a little bit of butter. Works great in a foil packed on the BBQ too!

    • Yay Nicole!

      Oooh! Canning! I’ve actually been looking into this and am worrying about creating a monster! That said, we are growing okra and we want to pickle it, so this will be done! I CANNOT wait!

      I love, love, love to make veggie-loaded spaghetti sauce. Super good choice. All of these veggies would go well in the sauce. Especially that squash!

      I just ate a frozen meal for lunch and now my belly is disappointed…haha!


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