Southwestern Summer Harvest Chicken

Ah, challenge accepted. The other day I challenged myself to be able to use all of my recent garden harvest in one recipe. It actually is hardly a challenge as all of my veggies go perfectly together.

veggiesSo, I’d like to take this time to again rehash my cooking limitations:

1. I’m not a cook. I want you to know this before you wonder why my recipes are written so strangely. I pretty much cannot tell you how much chicken I use or how long I cooked it. Truthfully, you probably don’t want me to tell you anyway because it is probably wrong. I swear, I am getting better though. Aren’t you excited to try my recipe now?!

2. Okay the good news is that I do rely on some pre-made foods so my food actually tastes good. I promise. You see, I have very little time in the afternoon, as I have a super long drive home and try to workout after work. I’m usually eating around 7:30 p.m., which means that I eat at 8 p.m. if I’m cooking it. I just really don’t have the talent time to cook things from scratch (so if you are looking for this, please go see Pioneer Woman because she is sooooo amazing).

3. I’m trying to eat healthy. Which means that this recipe involves lots of veggies and is thusly just for me. I will not torture my guy by making him eat veggies. A few months ago we did a cleanse which means you cannot eat anything. No gluten, dairy, sugar, vinegar, carbs, or anything that tastes good that you would enjoy. I think he fainted due to the lack of red meat. Am I doing that again? Hells no! But I am trying to eat clean Monday – Thursday (which means hello Milkshake Friday!!). Hence, the goal of this recipe is to make a flavorful meal while sticking to a low-salt, non-dairy, high fiber meal using lean meats and vegetables (and it’s actually quite tasty!).

I think we are all on the same page now. I really don’t blame you if you just click to exit my site right about now.

But if you have stayed, here is the result of my veggie harvest challenge!

southwestern chicken

Southwestern Summer Harvest Chicken

  • chicken breast
  • small, yellow onion
  • small green pepper
  • 2 cloves garlic
  • tablespoon southwestern pepper blend seasoning
  • olive oil
  • one small yellow squash
  • one jalapeno
  • two roma tomatoes
  • avocado
  • lime
  • sprig of cilantro
  • can of black beans (I like the kind that is already seasoned with jalapenos)
  • package of southwestern corn blend (frozen aisle, comes with peppers and onions)
  • package brown rice (I really like Uncle Ben’s chicken brown rice)


  1. Pre-heat skillet with olive oil
  2. Dice garlic, onion, jalapeno, green pepper and add to skillet
  3. Prepare chicken breast by coating it on both sides with southwestern pepper blend seasoning
  4. After skillet has sufficiently warmed, add in chicken breast
  5. Cube yellow squash, add to skillet when the chicken is about halfway cooked (you don’t want your squash extra mushy)
  6. Here comes the really hard part: microwave that pouch of rice and the pack of southwestern corn and open that can of beans, warm on stove-top. Exhausting, isn’t it?
  7. Layer as such: bed of brown rice, scoop of black beans, scoop of southwestern corn, chicken breast
  8. Garnish with your diced avocado, roma tomato, some fresh-squeezed lime and cilantro
  9. Chow down!

Notes: If I weren’t suffering by “clean-eating” this would totally be smothered in cheese and sour cream!! mmmm, cheese.



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