What Happened to Knitting, Pookah?

For my knittas who have been wondering where all of the knitting has gone on this blog, I’m right there with you. I swear I’ve been knitting. I’ve just been working on one of the most boring pieces for myself. I am using my new bamboo yarn to knit the gorgeous Moonrise Shawl from Fibre Space. Let’s just say it slow-going. Also, I have no clue if I am doing it correctly. Looking at the knitter comments on Ravelry, it seems to be quite the mystery and then all of a sudden you have this clarifying moment. I’m on my second block and so far I’ve had no revelations yet. I’ve been staring at it intently though, willing that little light bulb to appear above my head.

In the meantime, I’ve been working on a very important project. Recently a friend of mine from San Diego was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. For once, I’m quite speechless. All I could do was quietly cry at my desk when I found out. My friend is gorgeous, sweet, caring and very young, younger than me! How could this be? Mutual friends have told me she is in her chemotherapy and is already starting to lose her gorgeous, brown locks. Since then I’ve been knitting for her and fretting about mammograms. My grandmother died from breast cancer before I had the chance to meet her and I’ve been thinking about doing the Breast Cancer walk for quite some time. I am now even more determined to do something: donate, participate, something.

For now, all I know to do is knit. And that is good.

hatThe first hat I made for my friend is the Rosazura I made a while back. I love a cloche and was drawn by its art-deco feel. No boring chemo hats here! My girl is just too beautiful to wear something boring. I just sent the package so I hope she gets it soon. Even more, I hope that it makes her smile.

Find my project here on Ravelry!

Follow Me!

Follow Me!

Of course, I’m looking for more fashionable hats to knit for my friend. I’m thinking about knitting this beautiful Regina hat from Carina Spencer next.

I’m sending this call out into the blog world. Any recommendations for chic hats? Special yarns that would make her feel extra good?

Any recommendations are much appreciated!




3 thoughts on “What Happened to Knitting, Pookah?

  1. OK, for starters…

    a.) YES! I was wondering where your knitting had been! Glad to get an update 🙂

    b.) I am truly, deeply, from the bottom of my twisted in knots tummy sorry to hear about your friend. Spencer’s mother was diagnosed about 3 months ago and the roller coaster is always moving. Treatment is a dreaded, yet wonderful thing. I will be thinking of her!

    c.) I am LOVING that hat… I can’t bring myself to try a bottom-up (why? I don’t know…) but I love yours! It’s in my queue… I also love the ‘Contemporary’ by Veera… LOVE! I think anything light (bamboo?) for our lovely San Diego summer would feel nice atop a head!

    d.) I

    • Oh sweetie, I’m sorry for you guys too. That has to be incredibly difficult. I am sending you, Spencer and his mama happy, healing thoughts as well.

      Guess what? This one is knit top down! I actually prefer bottom-up because I like to decrease and hate increasing, this one is actually really simple. Take it from me! That said, I had to knit it twice. I knit it before with one needle size smaller and that is what I did this time. Holy cow! It turned out much too big! I was so disappointed. For this one, I actually used two or three needle sizes down. OMG I hate gauge!! Also, I’m an irresponsible knitter. Oh well. Now I have a large hat that I can donate?

      Also, I LOVE that hat by Veera too. That now resides in my favorites…thank you!

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