Joyful July

So, I like really bad jokes. Really bad ones. Not naughty ones, but the kind that generally make people groan when they hear the punch lines. When I was younger I used to read  joke books out loud to my sister on road-trips. My sister is a very, very patient person. A really bad, boney joke will make me so excited that I try really hard to remember it so I can add it to my lexicon of really dumb jokes (that rarely goes well because I am also horrible at telling jokes). Then I tell them to people and laugh loudly while they just sit there and stare at me…which makes me punch them in the shoulder and say, “Get it, Get it?”.

One of my favorites goes something like, “Why wouldn’t the crab share his treasure?”

Because he’s SHELLFISH!

Get it?! Get it?!

Oh that’s a good one.

I even found a pair of pajama pants that have this on them and I call them my crab pants. I wear them most nights before bed. They are comfy AND witty.

This, I swear, all leads me around to my blog theme for July.

This month, I’m going to be selfish. Why? Bea cause it is my birth month! The theme for July will be all about things that are important to me or make me happy. That being said, there are many important things in my life that I just won’t talk about on this blog. Not that I don’t love you, but I’m not going to talk openly about my family and friends here. I respect their privacy but please know that they are very, very high on this list that I am creating. For the purposes of this blog though, I’m going to talk about the things I’m doing that you may actually care a little bit about, like crafting, eating, reading … all that good stuff.

Overall , I want to spend the month doing things that make me happy. At first that sounded very selfish, but I believe fiercely that a good people on Earth should be happy every single day. What is the point of waking up each day if you don’t do something that makes  you smile? At first I thought I would only (try to) work on projects that are for me. There are many of those waiting in the wings. But, giving to others is also important to me so I threw that promise out of the window.

Like it? I made a word cloud to give you some hints of what you’ll see this month.

cloudYou like how chocolate is real big on that list, don’cha?

 instagramThere are 25 weekdays in July, so I came up with 25 words that make me happy. Along with this blog, you can expect to see an Instagram/Twitter picture each day of something from this list, so if you don’t follow me now….well, what are you waiting for?! twitter bird

Follow me on Instagram. Or here on Twitter. All the cool kids are doing it.



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