What You Missed on Instagram!

Enjoying my first week of my birth month meant very little blogging… sorry world! This will be fixed!

I’ve been enjoying the week by knitting, harvesting from the garden and trying to be healthy. Which is difficult when you’ve just now discovered Jordan Almonds. Good grief they are delicious.

The photos I posted due my Instagram project during first week of July very much reflect this easy-going week.

Mickey, my love!


Wrapping up my early summer yoga class made me sad. My health is important to me and I’m trying to take classes to also make it fun. Watch out Zumba, here I come!


Harvesting from the garden is one of my new favorite things to do. We have a huge pile if tomatoes to take care if this weekend. I really cannot wait for thus watermelon to grow!


You all already know I’m obsessed with books. This hand-knit bookmark combines two of my favorite things. Plus, it’s fancy!


Owls = never-ending amounts of cute. My guys sister picked up this super cutesy new water bottle for me this week, looove!


You’ll notice that I was strong at the beginning if the week and then u caved… and my use of the A Beautiful Mess photo app came back in full force. It’s an addiction.

Where’s all my Pookahs on Instagram? Follow this month’s theme with hashtag #pookahpics. I invite you to post pictures of all the things YOU love this month too, lets celebrate! Just remember to add #pookahpics so I can find you!




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