Birthday Wishes Come True!

Oh boy!

I mentioned last week that I would be making some fun purchases and changes from items that I was oogling for the Lusty Eleven: July Edition and I did!

ImageFirst, I bought that lovely cross-stitch pattern that I was lusting over. My new cross-stitch project, LanasCrespo’s Sugar Skulls, is well under way thanks to a productive visit with my crafty pals this Sunday morning. The best thing? I combined two of my birthday wishes and also found a cross-stitch iPhone case and super rad patterns from this shop too!

Second, i have new hair! I changed my hair color a year ago from brunette to a deep, dark ginger and have loved it. However, I decided to go back to my brunette and wanted to do something fun in between. I’ve been eying that gorgeous ombre look and voila! I am a brunette/ginger/blonde! ImageI called it a beautiful hair sunset and my stylist cracked up. Does no one else think it looks like a sunset? geesh. Logistically, it made sense to do this now since I already had a red base, said the girl who must find a way to justify all purchases. I really love it!

My birth week was officially pretty rad.



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