Calavera Cross-Stitch

I love this so much.

calavera!I bought that lovely cross-stitch pattern that I was scoping out during my birthday and have been obsessed with completing it ever since. I love sugar skulls, una calavera en Español, because they are so beautiful and intricate. My new cross-stitch project, LanasCrespo’s Sugar Skulls, is exactly that. I love the pattern and want to experiment with more color themes. My first clavara is all done and framed in a wooden hoop. I’ve already a new project on teh horizon, as my cross-stitch iPhone case is on the way too! This shop is rad, check it it out!

Get your learnin’ for the day:

According to wikipedia, the word calavera (pronounced: [kalaˈβeɾa], Spanish for “skull“) can refer to a number of cultural phenomena associated with the Mexican celebration of the Day of the Dead and the Roman Catholic holiday All Souls Day.

I am already planning on stitching another one for my office and experimenting with other colors. I wan to use teal, burnt orange and a deep pink.



7 thoughts on “Calavera Cross-Stitch

  1. I’ve seen that etsy shop too when I was searching for patterns..and yes..the skulls are awesome! great job on the finish

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