Back on Track

Ahhhh, that’s a big sigh of relief for you. Between my obsession with cross-stitch, I have slowly been getting back to my very own special knitting project.

Remember? That one that caused me much angst last  week?

Things are looking up.

I cast back on, sucked up my anger and prodded along on my new project and I am so happy I got back on that horse.

vest photoWhat’s on my needles? The beautiful Clustered Vest by Miriam L. Felton. If you have a Ravelry account, you need to check this pattern out. The vest is gorgeous but words cannot describe the back of the piece. I’m way excited about it.

I purchased my pattern when I went to the MadTosh store during our fiber tour of Dallas for the Fiber Fest. You can also purchase it here on Miriam’s Ravelry store. She makes unbelievably beautiful things.

Also, I am using MadTosh yarn that I stalked while at the store. Can I tell you how in love I am with these yarns? I completely blame my friend Nicole for this. Its a good obsession to have because madeline tosh yarns are so vibrant and rich in color. They are just beautiful. The one I’m using is Tosh DK in Glazed Pecan.

clustered vestThis is how far I’ve gotten after my little pattern-reading snafu.

Many of you may know about my little knitting ADD problem and realize that this will be a huge challenge for me to finish! I have such trouble finishing large pieces. I am determined to finish this vest this year! As such, pieces of this project will be in every bag I carry with me until December…

I may need some positive encouragement or forceful shouting, guys…



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