I’m sad to see July end. It’s been so nice to work on projects just for me! I think we all need to be a bit selfish. That said, it’s funny to see how being selfish, i.e. crafting your little heart out, is also fruitful for others. While I’ve spent this month completely obsessed beyond the point of no return absorbed by my own projects, I’ve somehow found the time to send off not just one but two of my craft-it-forward gifts. Holla!

The first I completed this month was for my cousin Amy, a military mom who I thought I’d create something patriotic for. My imagination led me to create my very first design for cross-stitch. Really, not that hard if you can look at a flag but allow me some boasting here… it’s Friday.

The final product is beautiful if I may say so myself.


Before you start congratulating me, please remember that I did offer up the “pattern” to all of you who would like to stitch this for yourself.

Well…here you go.

flag pattern

Oh…so you thought it would be an actual pattern, did ya? One that is helpful and in PDF form to print out for easy referencing? So not a photo of my scribbly drawing?

If you bother counting, you’ll also notice that I’m just a few off on those stars.

There. I bet you don’t feel so congratulatory now.




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