August Blog Theme!

The only thing you can do after a month-long selfish-fest is to give, give, give! So this is the theme of my blog for August, giving. Thankfully, I’m lucky enough that I can give while doing things I love. Weee! The benefits of craftiness…amiright?!

This month I am preparing for a baby shower for a couple friend of ours. They are having a little girl and I am crazy excited for them. These are my blank canvases for their gifts:

baby giftsI plan on making a super cute onesie and a stuffed animal of some sort for the shower and then stitching a monogram bib once the baby is here. I am anxious to do the bib stitching, but I’ve actually experienced Mother Nature throwing around her weight in the past and throwing me off my craft-game, specifically the time when my friend was expecting a Jack who turned out to be a very lovely Audrey. I think I will wait on the bib until little one is here.

While making the baby shower gifts, I also plan on wrapping up one more Creative Pay-it-Forward gifts and finish one of my many unfinished projects for a wonderful friend. Which brings me to my next blog theme…

The Finish Project

Okay guys, I want you all to go to your knitting stash and bring out all of your unfinished projects. This could range from that half-knitted sweater, to that one sock or even to the cast-on row of one project you were so anxious to start for like five minutes that one day.

I know…it’s painful.

If you are like me, there may be upwards of five ten of these projects lazing around your craft room, mocking you. You are not alone.

I’d love for you all to join me on a challenge for the rest of this year. Take one of your unfinished projects and do the impossible: finish it. Like this year. If it is a large project, you may want to give yourself the rest of year. If they are little projects, challenge yourself. I will be!

Each month I will grab one of my unfinished projects, whether it is a knitted gift, jewelry I wanted to make, or a recipe I wanted to taste and I will finish it!

You can do it too. Please join me on The Finish Project. Check back in a few to see what project I will be finishing this month.



6 thoughts on “August Blog Theme!

  1. Ugghhh… does that mean I will actually have to learn how to turn a heel in order to finish knitting that long forgot self-striping sock? Don’t answer that question, you maniacal sock knitter, you.

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