Decorating with Stitches

new artI have an issue.

It’s name is cross-stitch.

Has anyone ever been on Intervention for this?  It may be needed.

While waiting for my cross-stitch cellphone case (which is at the post office today, woo hoo!), I whipped up one of the celly patterns from LanasCrespo. Impatient much, self? I am a ridiculous human being and I find that so many times I just have to try something out. Could be why I have so many unfinished projects that I need to tackle? Anyway, this is super cute as a home decor for these little frames I bought at Michaels. I love this geometric design.


bedsideI then decided to hang my first cross stitch calavera (oh yea, there is a second one already in process) by my bedside table and mount my  rubber band guns dangerous weapons just like my guy does. Because I’m a Texan now, you know.

This is a terrible, terrible picture (hence, the shadow of my arm), but don’t you think that the girl who sleeps there is a scary badass who is not be messed with…you know with her rubber band guns, retainer and Rachel Dratch memoir?



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