Pookah Tries Crochet (Again)

learning to crochetI feel like this is a never-ending story in my life.

I’ve tried crochet many times and I always get the hang of it for a little while and then, meh.

That is how I’ve felt about crochet.


Then people tell me crochet isย “oh…so much easier than knitting”. And I want to stab them in their eye with my knitting needle.

Seriously? Then tell me why I am not living in one huge, cute granny square?


Thankfully, my friends found an entire day of crochet classes at a local yarn shop, called WC Mercantile, and now I am officially smitten. I still don’t think it is easier than knitting, but I do feel a whole lot less stabby.

So I spent my entire Saturday with a crochet hook in my hand re-learning crochet techniques. I was so happy to actually have a foundation row matching the actual number of stitches I chained on. Hoorah!

free form crochetI ended the class with a whole lot more knowledge, an understanding of different techniques and this adorable free form thing-a-ma-jig that I am very proud of. I feel much more comfortable with my crochet and feel ready to tackle more patterns. I fully plan on adorning everything with intricate lace, cute flowers and am already eying up amigarumi patterns for crochet.

Because didn’t you know? Crocheting animals is just “so much easier than knitting”.




8 thoughts on “Pookah Tries Crochet (Again)

  1. I don’t knit..but I have tried crochet..and I get the gist of it..but actually doing something, even something as simple as..a scarf..looks wonky and messed up. I should try a class.I mean..I would love to learn both actually. I do want to work my way up to the animals haha!

    • Wendy, you totally should!! I tried the books and instructions for years but I really needed someone to look at my stitches and tell me what’s what. It really helped! You need to make animals with me! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Keep it up! The flower looks good and the stitches are neat. You seem to have the basics. Maybe try something like a simple granny square just to get the rest of the teniques. Keep it up!

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