More Calavera Cross-Stitch

calavera 2 in progressHave I mentioned to you how great LanasCrespo’s  Etsy shop is? Probably.

Well, in between making my first calavera and obsessing over which pattern to stitch for my new iPhone case, I stitched up another one of her patterns. I just completed my second calavera (Dia de los Muertos sugar skull) cross stitch and I really love the series!

calavera 2I decided to use one color scheme for a series to hang in my office. This is the first one that will hang in my office space. The colors include a reddish pink, teal, burnt orange, light indigo and a bright yellow, just the right colors to brighten up my happy office.

I’m completely smitten by cross-stitch now, if you cannot tell. There’s something very Zen (oooh, there’s that San Diegan in me) about the counting and movements.



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