The Finish Project: August

I’ve been trying to pump myself up about The Finish Project. It will be great, right guys?! We can totally do this!


To recap, The Finish Project is my lame attempt at getting my shit together and actually finishing the five hundred half-finished projects I have lazing around my stash. My goal is to pick one of my unfinished projects, whether it is a knitted gift, jewelry I wanted to make, or a recipe I wanted to taste and finish it, dammit! Well, I may have aimed too high for this month. I’m working on a beautiful baby romper for a baby shower early next month and the time is just dwindling down. Of course, I decided to add a stuffed animal to the list….good job, self!

holden twoSo, I’m a little bombarded with crafts, but I like it this way. With all hope beyond hope, I will have made a large dent in my first Finish Project, the Holden Shawlette which I started for my friend oh not so long ago…Just November of 2012.


It’s worse when you have blog documentation to back up your procrastination.

Look at it. What a mess! I’ve got my interchangeable set through it, which means I made the cognizant decision to stop and use the needles for something else I wanted to make. Oh and so THAT’S where all of my stitch markers went! makes me sadI’ve been looking for those. I seem to have stopped right when the lace began and I seem to remember a problem with my counts. I think it is time to unravel all the way to where the lace began so I can start fresh. This won’t be too bad, will it?

Frogging my knits makes me sad.

Have any of you made progress with your unfinished work or are you still hiding from them like I was? I don’t blame you.



2 thoughts on “The Finish Project: August

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