The Romp

Well, I got halfway done with the romper that I’m making for the baby shower and realized I made a mistake.


If you’ll notice, the picture of the nicely made romper includes a little pattern, almost like an eyelet lace, on the front of the romper.

Mine? Nope…not there at all. I read the directions and interpreted “work even” as just regular old stockinette stitch. It wasn’t until I made it to that part on the other side of the romper that I realized something was amiss. After reading the entire pattern, I realized that that there was no other place the pretty ribbing would be knit at. Cripes!baby knit

So I spent precious moment unraveling in anger and started over at the place where the ribbing started. Thank goodness this was a small baby knit and that I knew where to start over or I’d be in serious crinkled-nose mode.

Ah….back on track.

sleeveI also finished the two little baby sleeves, so tiny and adorable!

Now it’s time to seam the pieces together and add the little ruffle. I’m very excited to see this completed. Hopefully I will finish it this weekend, because I’ve got a little squirrel to make.

Strangest sentence ever, methinks.



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