Almost Done!

romper 2Isn’t this adorable?

Hours and hours of seaming and picking up stitches and I finally have something beautiful that actually looks like clothes! I am still in the seaming process for the baby shower romper and am trying very hard to make sure it stays intact when it has to be washed. I’m going to give it a spin in some nice knit wash so it is fresh and pretty, plus it gives me a chance to inspect my seaming.

I brought the romper to my office today and there was lots of “awww”-ing so that makes me happy. I think that the ruffle has that affect of women.

So who else wants a baby now? Maybe I can just make you an adult-sized romper?

stuffed knit animalIn addition to the romper, I am making a sweet little stuffed animal for the baby’s room, which is decorated like an adorable woodland, with owls and all. I pretty much want to steal that baby’s room and move in.

This knit has been a welcome distraction when I got really angry about my mistake and frogging the left side of the romper.

Any guesses on what this (currently sightless) animal this will be?



5 thoughts on “Almost Done!

    • You need to learn! If you lived in Texas I could teach you, but you should Google classes near you. It’s addicting….and you know you need another craft hobby, right?!

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