The Lusty Eleven – August

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.”
Mother Teresa

I love this quote and truthfully, I think DIY giving is the best representative of these meaningful words. While my handmade gifts may not be perfectly polished, they are made with joy and love. You cannot help but think about the person you are making the gift for, and all that you know and appreciate about that person is poured into it, from the choices you make in object down to the color of the wrapping.

So this month’s Lusty Eleven is all about giving, from some unique gift guides to handmade tips on creating wrapping — all celebrating the act of giving and spreading joy. One of my favorite things to do!

August Eleven

  1. I’ve been to a few weddings lately and am now obsessed with things like grooms cakes, I love this idea for a grooms gift from Style Me Pretty.
  2. Looking for ideas to wrap your gifts? Make My Paper Crafting’s beautiful lace on your craft paper for wrapping gifts!
  3. Adoring unique Gift Guides like Design Sponge’s Human, House, Harvey.
  4. Turn swaddling blankets into an elephant for a cute baby shower gift with this tutorial from babies rabies.
  5. The House That Lars Built has amazing tutorials for DIY wrapping paper, like this Polka Dot Wrapping Paper. Love!
  6. Last  Minute Knitted Gifts books are great as gifts for the knitter in your life, or great for ideas for us knitters. They are organized by the amount of time you have to make the gift. So if you are a procrastinator you can find a two hour knitted gift to rush and make!
  7. May Designs books are perfect little gifts, I’ve been playing around with their web notebook design maker and am obsessed with making my own notebooks (maybe I should just order one already?)!
  8. Back-to-school and a new fiscal year has me thinking about appreciation, like this hilarious Staff and Teacher Appreciation gift idea. Yup, I’m a sucker for puns.
  9. Give your gifts in these bright colored felt boxes, that you can make yourself with this tutorial from Pinterest.
  10. Some fun back to school gift ideas for English majors like me, from the ever-useful Etsy website. Support handmade!
  11. I now have package-envy and want to adorn my gifts with beautiful cut designs, like this flower.

I’ve got some great ideas now to help me wrap that baby shower gift!



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