It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s…


…. a blind, tail-less squirrel?

Indeed, that is exactly what the mystery knit is from last week’s post.

I have completed the sweet little romper (more pictures to come, of course) and am happy to have almost completed the little stuffed knit for the baby shower this weekend too. For once, I will NOT be knitting furiously on the way to a gift-giving soiree. Winning!

The squirrel pattern comes from Knit One, Squirrel Two which I found where else but Ravelry. I decided to make a squirrel for my friend as a little joke because pre-baby, my animal-obsessed friend had rescued a squirrel and made her husband nurse it to health with a little tiny dropper. Hilarious and very touching. Her baby’s newly painted room is in a woodland theme so I thought this would the perfect baby shower gift to make her laugh.

Now why is he tail-less you ask? I would like to make sure this stuffie is safe for baby and the tail is a bit too dangerous for her. I absolutely adore the tail in the pattern and am way bummed I cannot make it. If you make it, there is a really helpful photo tutorial on designer’s website.  This tail is way gorgeous and I feel like I may make it just to make it. That said, it uses pipe cleaners, I feel like I should get something a little less pokey for the newborn so I am going to the craft store today to look for a substitute. I may have to go down the dreaded fun fur aisle. Crafting gods be with me…

More to come…



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