September Blog Theme

September is back to school time, which makes me incredibly happy. As a kid, I was also super excited about back to school and would relish in shopping for new school clothes and supplies. I’m a geek. I still love to learn and cannot stop myself from taking on a new project, hobby, book or task when I have absolutely no time or brain space available for it.

It’s a problem and I don’t care.

So just in time for back to school, I am going to embrace learning and most specially crochet. My battle with crochet has been years in the making and most days, I just don’t get it. Then I tried to learn again by attending a class last month and I feel like I’m on the edge of conquering it.

crochetI’m starting it off this week by trying to make some adorable crochet sugar skulls. They are supposed to be earrings, but I wanted to try out the pattern first on a larger needle and yarn. I’m a bit petrified to try this with small thread.

So this month I will focusing totally on getting my act together in the world of crochet. I don’t want to lose it when I just got it!

That said, I’m still in the midst of my gift giving from August and well, I’ve complete ignored The Finish Project, haven’t I? That’s just proof that finishing the unfinished is really tough work no matter who you are. It’s just kinda sad when it was your idea in the first place. Arg.

Well, in between crochet, when I feel like I wanna thrown that hook across the room, I will no myself no favors by picking up my completely frustrating Finish Project work. So far, I’ve unraveled it to a place where I think I can pick up the work again on the lace section. Famous last words. le sigh.




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