What a Nut!

Well, my squirrel may still not have a tail, but he can now see that he’s plainly got an acorn that he needs to hide!

squirrel2 Here’s an update on the squirrel. I really liked the look of the proper tail from the pattern maker’s photo tutorial, so thought I would give it a shot with some modifications.

I knit an i-cord for about half the length of the squirrels back and attached the pieces of yarn just like in the directions. Shredding was a lot more difficult than I thought, due to the yarn I was using. It worked, but didn’t have the same effect as the one from the pattern. Without that pipe cleaner, you really lack the positioning you can do to get that tail curve. Plus, the hairy yarn I chose just looked so – ick. Like a baby would definitely eat that that’s just gross. So I was sad.

Then I happened to look at some of the other Ravelery-ers posts who have made this squirrel and stumbled upon a saint — a knitter who actually knit a tail for the squirrel. I’m knitting away right now and will tell you more about it later.acorn

For now, the acorn. Cuteness. I found a really sweet pattern for an acorn ornament and decided to attach it between the squirrels arms, just to add a little pop of color. The pattern is free on Ravelry and would make really adorable fall decorations. I was thinking I could knit some for a fall wreath! (Then I told myself to calm down, it’s crochet month, yo).

But you could do it, right?




3 thoughts on “What a Nut!

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