A Crafty Evening


Only a crazy person thinks that making hand-painted wrapping paper is more cost-effective than buying it…

Yesterday was probably the most productive craft day I’ve had. I went home early because of lots of allergy issues and managed to

  • wash and weave in the ends of the romper
  • finish and attach my squirrel tail
  • make sweet hand-painted wrapping paper from my Lusty Eleven post last month! Yup, that is an empty sewing thread bobbin.
  • find patterns for gorgeous crochet earrings

notionsAnd the madness continues as I spent my lunch hour making adorable crochet earrings. How about they literally take minutes to make? Minutes! I think I love crochet. It satisfies my craft ADD perfectly because, unlike my knitted sweater, I can enjoy it it seconds!

I also found out that a repurposed Umbabox gift box comes in handy for my earring-making notions.

Why can’t every night be so productive? Because I am now exhausted! What I wouldn’t give for some mindless garter stitch project and a chick flick…




2 thoughts on “A Crafty Evening

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