Showering with Gifts

The shower this weekend went very well and my gifts were completed and wrapped in time, I was so relieved! I’m not a huge fan of baby showers and tend to make make horrific faces when a baby shower game is thrust in my face. But this shower was perfectly perfect. The baby shower games were not annoying, the food was scrumptious and the decor was delightful. Even better, my friend and ma-to-be had a great time and got teary-eyed at feeling so loved. It was a really fun day making new friends and celebrating another kid who gets to call me Auntie!

Here’s some of the highlights:

1. The squirrel’s tail got done and didn’t look half bad, though I ran out of yarn and had to knit the tip in a dark brown. Arg!!! Worst nightmare! But there’s the super cute romper and my funny squirrel pre-wrapping (our friends totally got my squirrel joke and thought it was hysterical!).


2. My DIY gold stamped wrapping paper was pretty spiffy. I was kind of worried about it drying with some flakiness, but none! In my craft-angst I forgot to buy a card, so I knitted a little heart and created a tag. Who else is thankful that they just have a ton of crafty stuff sitting around the house? Whew!


3. Proof that I’m always not that crafty. One of the baby shower games was to sculpt a baby out of Play-doh. This was my favorite game by far (but I did win the “guess how many cookies are in this baby bottle bank game!). My Play-doh baby? Downright scary.

baby sculpt

4. My man is amazing. During the baby shower, the boys went to the gun range to shoot zombies. When they came back, the boys were all flustered over him, exclaiming “He’s an assassin!” Man love, adorable. I’m impressed.


5. Pinterest was representin’ at the shower, featuring some really cute ideas. I adore the Ready to Pop theme!




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