The Finish Project: One!

photo-5Things have been very quiet here on the Pookah Knits blog, but not for lack of crafting. I’ve just been so busy with my Finish Project project that I haven’t had time to write!

Yup, did you hear that? The Finish Project! I finished one!

I realize that I started this in August and shouldn’t be all that proud of myself….but I am. Just try and stop me.

To recap, The Finish Project is my lame attempt at getting my shit together and actually finishing the five hundred half-finished projects I have lazing around my stash. My goal is to pick one of my unfinished projects, whether it is a knitted gift, jewelry I wanted to make, or a recipe I wanted to taste and finish it, dammit!

photo-3For August/September, my goal was to complete the Holden Shawlette which I started for my friend way back in 2012. See that date? I am a terrible friend. Realizing that, I had to challenge myself to finish it already. The other reason why? I am making two of these. Yes, two. I have two wonderful friends back in San Diego who have been my lifelines, I adore them and wanted to make them both something special. So I had to finish this one to start that one.

in progressYou’ll be happy to know I’ve already started my second and it will be this slacker’s focus for the month October. I will finish!

How about you guys? Any Finish Projects you’ve decided to pick up?


4 thoughts on “The Finish Project: One!

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  2. How awesome!! I love your idea of finishing projects!!
    You’re an inspiration to all of us!!
    That shaw is amazing!!
    PS. You would have loved the sheep and wool festival
    I just got beck from in Vermont! Tons of beautiful yarn.

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