31 Days of Finishing the Unfinishable

31 days theme

Welcome to Finishing the Unfinishable!

This fall, I decided to start tackling all of my unfinished projects that are lurking in the hidden corners of my mind, or in my craft basket. I called it The Finish Project.

I want you all to go to your knitting stash and bring out all of your unfinished projects. This could range from that half-knitted sweater, to that one sock or even to the cast-on row of one project you were so anxious to start for like five minutes that one day.

I know…it’s painful.

If you are like me, there may be upwards of five ten of these projects lazing around your craft room, mocking you. You are not alone.

So I challenged my readers to join me on taking one of your unfinished projects and do the impossible: finish it. Funny enough, I wasn’t easily able to commit to my own program and since August, have only finished one of my projects. It was a good one though?

This month I will tackle the impossible and finish things, a knitted gift, a cute something I wanted to make, or a recipe I wanted to taste and I will finish it! I will also explore why crafters like me have such a hard time finishing things and maybe in suffering together, come up with some ideas.

You can do it too. Please join me on my 31 days of Finishing the Unfinishable.  I’ll be adding a link to each day’s post once it goes live. I hope you’ll check out the other 31 Dayers too!

Day #1 31 Days Challenge!

Day #2 The Unfinished Photo: Where Projects Go to Die

Day #3 The Unfinished List

Day #4 The Clutch Crutch

Day #5 Waiting and Crafting

Day #7 The Clutch Crutch:  Materials

Day #8 Finishing Tip #1: Making Time

Day #9 The Clutch Crutch Progress

Day #10 Shopping for the Weekend

Day#11 Ooh-La-La

Day #12 Lazy Saturdays

Day #14 The Tempting Grub: Zucchini Fritter-licious

Day #15 On (Starting to) Finish an Amazing Good Book Series

Day #16 From the Unfinishables: The New Craft

Day #17 Holden, cubed

Day #18 The Back Button

Day #20 Knitting Time

Day #21 Feeling Fall Festive!

Day #22 So…. The Washer Necklace

Day #23 Finishing Strategies

Day #24 The Ill-Fated Washer Necklace

Day #28 The Lusty Eleven – October

Day #29 Breaking Away From Your List

Day #30 Getting Halloween Done!

Day #31 DIY Halloween!





2 thoughts on “31 Days of Finishing the Unfinishable

  1. I’m not a knitter, but this is FANTASTIC! I’m a crocheter. I’m contemplating your suggestion. I don’t want to promise something I can’t do . . . procrastination is my middle name. Thanks for the encouragement 🙂

    visiting from the nester

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