The Clutch Crutch: Materials

The first major project I’d love to complete is The Clutch Crutch. I can’t really remember why I started this purse and who it was for but I so remember knitting it. The top part was so cool and intricate. I remember it looking really hard but being surprisingly easy. Cables are creaking magic people!!

I remember that the receiver of the gift made me kinda nervous so I set the project aside. It was shoved down into the deep depths of my craft bin. Now that I’ve moved and found this lovely purse, I really want to finish it! Let’s talk about this “finish problem” folks. Over my years of knitting I’ve come to realize that you only make gifts for two types of people: 1) fellow knitters and 2) people who loves you so much that they love everything you do. So I am now making this purse for myself.

Tonight I’m sewing the zipper on. I really wanted a some wooden handles but couldn’t find ones that I absolute loved. So I’ve decide to instead opt for a zipper closure with a cute, braided leather wristlets. Very excited about this! I found a gold zipper, actually meant for jeans but it matches perfectly. For the wristlet I found a huge pack of leather you can braid for brackets. A purse material plus bracelets? Holla!

Next up, sewing in the liner. I wanted a bold pattern because the purse is a khaki, classic color. I found an adorable piece of fabric at JoAnns in the scraps section. Navy with bold red lipstick kisses. Loving it!

Making this small step on the project feels amazing!



One thought on “The Clutch Crutch: Materials

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