Shopping for the Weekend!

The best part about my Finishing Project?

It totally gives me a good excuse to shop.

One of the biggest challenges I run into when it comes to finishing my project is having all of the pieces and materials in order. Shopping, a problem? Oh if I have to!

If you are suffering from this unbearable problem like me, the key is organization and creating a method to your madness. You can see that I have quite a few projects to start and it would be easy to write one big list and just go to town buying everything I need! However, I definitely don’t want to get too overwhelmed. I feel like if I buy everything now I will just half-attack each project and never really complete everything. Seems to be a pattern with me, right?!

listI sat down with my List of Unfinishables and picked out a few of the project that I felt like I could start attacking or even complete this weekend. I looked at the directions and made a wonderfully random list of things I need to buy.

It’s a little crazy and right up my alley. Can you guess which projects I plan on feasting on this weekend?



One thought on “Shopping for the Weekend!

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