Last night I spent my evening pinning, cutting and sewing and guess what is almost done!!clutch

I am beside myself.

Look at that fancy, red-lipped lined purse! I’m absolutely loving this. Why did I wait so long again? Maybe it was divine intervention so that the craft gods would ensure that I would find this gorgeous fabric.  NOT my procrastination.

Yes, that sounds right.

So, while I was on a roll, I decided to look at my leather magic braid kit and immediately proclaimed “What the hell????”. Easy directions? Hells no. I’m going to spend my lunch hour scouring YouTube for some videos. Plus I still have to find some way to attach it to the zipper.

And then when I get frustrated I believe I will buy one of these.

Lesson of the day: Not everything has to be DIY made by you. Sometimes you just gotta know when to give in.


3 thoughts on “Ooh-La-La!

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  2. It looks super adorable! I think I need to see it in person. I think the procrastination worked, in this case. Had you finished as intended… it would have gone to someone else! Now it is all yours! 😉

    Attaching the bracelet sounds like it might be a challenge. You could open up the side seam and sew it on? Maybe not. Just make sure the clasp for the strap you buy is small enough to fit on your zipper! But I guess you could put a big jump ring on the zipper, and attach the strap to that.

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