The Tempting Grub: Zucchini Fritter-licious

This weekend was very productive for my Unfinishable List. Thanks to the rain, I didn’t get to do most of the things I wanted to do this weekend and spent lots of time on my list. The biggest one to check off my list? Those amazing zucchini fritters.

The story:  Ah, Pinterest. You are the devil. I spend so many useless minutes pinning away on my boards, making plans for delicious food I am likely never going to make. This yummy-looking Dr. Pepper Pulled Pork and these zucchini fritters were a few of the first things I ever pinned. The problem is, I still have never tasted them.

But this weekend. Taste them, I did.

zucchiniIf you haven’t visited the Smitten Kitchen blog, I recommend that you do so right now. They have amazing recipes and these zucchini fritters at the top of that list.

I was a bit worried about how they would work out because 1) I have never really fried things and 2) I was cooking for my guy’s family, who are amazing cooks and have very strong opinions on food. Thankfully they are nice, wonderful people who understands my kitchen limitations. Even more thanks that the recipe turned out pretty well.

If I can make these so can you. Here’s my run-down but you should use the full recipe available here on Smitten Kitchen.

frittersThe long and short of it is that you grate some zucchini, let it soak in salt for 10 minutes then you begin the process of wringing the water out for the next half hours. Seriously. You will never believe how much water zucchini can hold. They are the camels of the food world.

Then you combine the squished zucchini with some scallions, egg, salt and pepper along with flour and baking powder. Then you think this cannot possibly be enough for 10 fritters because you have never fried things before. Trust me, it is.

Then you make ten little spoonfuls of zucchini batter and put them in your oil in a cast-iron skillet. This is, of course, after you panic because you realize that you have never done this before. Then you thank the cooking gods because it is not meat which means that you cannot kill anyone.

photo 2-1Then the little fritters poof up like little veggie pillows and you breathe a deep sigh of relieft. Note: pat them down into little discs before putting in the oil. Mine turned out very round, like little zucchini hush puppies.

After some flipping and re-frying a couple that were not crispy enough, I was quite pleased with these. The recipe also has a bit for some lemony sour cream dip that I highly recommend dolluping on top.

Scrumptious (and others seemed to like them, unless they were just being nice.) One recipe down! Finishing feels fantastic.



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