On (Starting to) Finish an Amazing Good Book Series

Well, I started it (again) last night. And I don’t feel like the world is going to come crashing down.


bookTo rehash my finishing problemo:

The End of a Series

The story:  If you are an intense reader with book ADD like me, chances are you have lots of unfinished books on your nightstand. The biggest one haunting me? Mockingjay. Yes, the last book in that amazing series that is called Hunger Games. The problem is, I’m too sad for it to end so just plain refuse to read it.

Finishing Problem: Painful, mental block. I just can’t, okay?! leave me alone…

Now that I have made myself face my anguish, cracking this book open again made me remember just how much I adore this series. I cannot wait until Catching Fire come out. Have you seen this trailer? I completely adore these characters and how strong yet fragile Katniss is. After reading and watching the Breaking Dawn series, I was really disappointed in Bella’s character. I felt like things just kept happening to her. Katniss makes things happen. There’s a big difference and one that I believe sends an important message to young adult women. The only reason I didn’t finish reading this book is because I knew I would be devastated at the series ending…that lets you know just how addictive-ly good it really is.

Have any of you read any of these books? What’s your thoughts?

I think I could go on about this at length, but I won’t go crazy here. Let’s just say, if you haven’t read this series yet, you must…right this second. It is an amazing story and is very well-written. There’s a reason why I didn’t want it to end!



3 thoughts on “On (Starting to) Finish an Amazing Good Book Series

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  2. I ordered these books on Amazon (maybe 6-8 months after all the hype, but before the first movie) and they arrived on my doorstop around 5pm. I read all three in less than 24 hours because they were THAT good.

    I love a good series. Learning more about the characters, world, etc. I can understand why you’ve held off when things are too good to end. But leaving that last book unread only makes it harder to deal with and leads to more anxiety! It is sad for the series to be over, but that means you’re closer to enjoying them all over again. I think I’m due for another go. 😉

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