From the Unfinishables: The New Craft

Look at me, just finishing stuff left and right! Boo-ya! Do people still say that anymore?

earringsHere’s the story. I am getting ready for Halloween which means sending lots of gifts to family members. It is also my sister’s birthmonth, so that gives me the opportunity to send one big package of goodies for her and her family.  My sister is pretty rad and can somehow pull off really bold fashion. I knew that one of my Unfinishable pieces would work for her: those amazing Dia de los Muertos crochet earrings.

Here’s the wrap-up, just to rehash.

The New Craft

The story:  “Look at this! Ooh, look at this!” That is what I sounded like the first time I looked up crochet patterns on Ravelry. The possibilities were endless….and so is my to-do list. This was the first pattern I was just DYING to make. The problem is, I still haven’t.

Finishing Problem: Too many projects, not enough time.

earrings 2A challenge like the 31 Days Challenge is perfect because it forces me to make time for things that are important. This pattern is pretty easy, considering that I am a new crocheter and am still a bit shaky at this.

The pattern PDF shows the skulls with some fancy eyes so I looked through my bead collection and found some shimmery white eyes to add to these guys.

Also, look at that beautiful calavera pot! I participated in a little craft exchange with a long-lost friend from high school and that is what they sent me. Isn’t it fantastic?

I can’t wait to finish the second pair so I can wear them to celebrate Dia de los Muertos, which is the 1st of November this year. Curious about the holiday? Check this out!



3 thoughts on “From the Unfinishables: The New Craft

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  2. Can I just say that I am loving your series this month!? I love getting the email ‘ding’ that you’ve posted a new project. These are no exception… I love them and your sister will too!!!

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