The Back Button

necklaceOh the Washer Necklace. I had such high hopes for you. I really wish I could just click the back button on the remote on this craft. Instead, we have nail polish remover.

Here’s the skinny:

The Washer Necklace

The story:  I am lucky to have a super rad group of crafters to laugh with here in Texas. My friend holds a monthly Crafternoon for us where we can work on a group craft or just any of our ongoing projects. This month, we decided to make this beautiful necklace from painted washers. Great idea! Problem is, mine didn’t turn out so beautiful.

Finishing Problem: I hate everything.

Last night I decided to get started on destroying my washer necklace. Then I thought I lost it. My response? I shrugged.

necklace2Shame! I really love this beautiful necklace on the website and need to have faith that I can make something as beautiful.

For now, I will take all of my angst out on these little, chipped red-painted washers by sitting them in a bath of nail polish remover.

Take that.



3 thoughts on “The Back Button

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