Feeling Fall Festive!

gourdsI had such a great weekend filled with toasted marshmallow mochas, gourd admiring, scary movies, knitting with friends, apple cider, pumpkin carving and zombie watching.

Fall is my favorite.

During knitting group, I worked on my Holden, but otherwise my weekend was not very Finish Project Productive. I’m not worried about it though because sometimes the key to finishing your projects is to take a breather for a little bit. Doing other fun things can reset your brain, spark creativity and help you come up with ideas. Or, just be plain fun and remember, fun is what its all about.

And I did lots of making this weekend, from crochet earrings for lovely friends to carving this super rad owl pumpkin!




4 thoughts on “Feeling Fall Festive!

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  2. Thanks to your Finish Project motivating me… I TURNED THE HEEL of my first EVER sock pattern last night! Eep! (PS–ALL CAPS means EXCITED SHOUTING!). Woo! Three cheers for FINISHING projects! 🙂

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