The Lusty Eleven – October

I’ve always been that kid who gets real excited every fall for back-to-school. Because I’m a huge nerd. What I look forward to most of all is all of that back-to-school gear, the trapper keepers, the new pencils, that modeling clay that I’m pretty sure we never did anything with. I’m the same way as an adult. The best way to motivate me to work on a project? A fresh notebook with a newly-sharped pencil. It works every time.

So I celebrate my organization crazed mind with this month’s Lusty Eleven – a celebration of everything organization that screams for you to get started on your huge To Do List!october wish list

  1. A vintage recipe box like this from Etsy would make me want to cook more.
  2. Wunderlist helps me keep track of things I need to buy for projects – check it out on the app store or on their website.
  3. A organization station for your fabulous craft room!
  4. Who wouldn’t want some funny listpads from Knock Knock Stuff to keep you on track?
  5. Have an idea for a new cross-stitch or knitting pattern? Map our your ideas with a nifty notepad of graph paper like this Tricksy Notebook from Knit Picks.
  6. Ah, new notebook! My favorite way to keep track of all of the things I need to do throughout the day. I need a new owl one, obviously, like this Lemonni notebook spotted on the My Owl Barn site.
  7. Everyone knows that cute travel bags make you want to work on your project in public. The Superfine Project Bag from Knit Picks is so awesome I can hardly stand it.
  8. This Lily Pulitizer ink pen is called The Dirty Shirley. Enough said.
  9. Want to keep track of your materials (and not your Unfinishables, right folks!)? An adorable storage bin like this from Target is cute to look at and super handy.
  10. Write down those recipes you’ve been wanting to try on some of these adorable recipe cards, a free printable from My Owl Barn.
  11. Evernote is fantastic because it lets me keep track of things all in one place, from my iPad, to my phone and my computer at work. It’s like a Lisa Frank notebook, only for grow-ups.



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