Breaking Away From Your List

Okay, so I’m a huge rule-follower. I am easily influenced by gold stars and petrified of getting speeding tickets. If I have a rule book, I will follow it to a T. But sometimes…. well things happen.

Take my three-day absence from the 31 Days Challenge.

Granted, I did have a particularly petrifying three days. For one, I had a tooth removed because I’m getting braces on my lower teeth and felt extremely sick for two days.

So, yes life happens. And then you smile (if you are me, like a jack o’ lantern) and move on.

bib1Today’s post is in honor of that. For one, I am putting the washer necklace on the back burner. It will get done, but not during this 31 Days Challenge. Instead, I realized that I have an even more important project to complete.

Last month, I knit some adorable gifts for a good friend’s baby shower. I was happy to see that their first little one, Annabelle Claire, has arrived so now it is time for me to finish one of my forgotten Finish Projects, the monogrammed baby bib that I was waiting to cross-stitch for when baby arrived.

Plus, I am trying something new: embroidery! The plain monogram just wasn’t enough so I have been inspired by this beautiful border to stitch around it. We will see how this goes.

So, I guess the moral of my story is, don’t sweat it. Any progress is good progress so keep working on your list and don’t worry if that list happens to morph a bit. Life.



One thought on “Breaking Away From Your List

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