Ravellenic Games 2014

OldRavatarWho here is participating in the Ravellenic Winter Games this year? If you said, “HUH?” then you really need to grab your needs and join this Ravelry group!

In a nutshell, the Ravellenic Games are an excuse for knitters to challenge themselves to complete a knit project in record speed. Our very own Olympics. I have particiated before, and find it to be a blast.¬† The rules are that you pick a project that you will aim to complete between the time of opening ceremonies until closing ceremonies – this year, February 7 – 23. There are many different “events” from the “Hat Halfpipe” to the “Lace Luge” that you can join. Bascially, anything you want to knit, you can find an event to join. If you complete your project, you get bragging rights and a sweet badge for your blog (look at mine on my blog!). You and your knittas can join as a team or you can participate on your own.

This year, I have joined the “Mitten Moguls” event with a side event of colorwork because I am knitting the spectacular Spilly Jane Mystery & Manners mittens.

Let’s be frank.


f4368030910311e3975a0e30d8b9f9cb_8This is a really fun, yet challenging pattern and I got to use some yarn from my stash that I had no clue what to do with. Here were my mittens after opening ceremonies.

picstitchAnd here are my mittens as of last night. Left is the front, right is the back of the mitten. I love the peacock pattern so much but I most of all love how wintery these mittens look…and with this unfortunate Texas weather, I need these pronto! The green yarn isn’t a poor color choice, just waste yarn there to mark the thumb that I will pick up at the end. Since I’m almost done with my first mitt. I believe I’m about 40% done with my project, gotta pick up the speed!



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