So Pookah, Thanks for Leaving Me Hanging..

1922284_684096711654956_402855113_nYesterday after posting about my Color Affection, I decided to look at my last post and embarrassingly realized it was approximately FOUR MONTHS AGO! Geesh, sorry guys.

My last post was all about my excitement to be doing the Ravellenic Games – aka Knitting Olympics again with Ravelry. This year, I joined the “Mitten Moguls” event with a side event in colorwork because I was knitting the spectacular Spilly Jane Mystery & Manners mittens.

And they are gorgeous.

When you last saw me, I reported to be about 40% done and making good time toward finishing before the closing ceremonies. And I did! Actually, one day early. *shoulder shrug*

My Olympic Mitts were started on February 7th and completed on February 22nd. Not so bad, if I do so say myself. I also earned two pretty rad badges for getting to the Olympic podium. Bam!

Here’s the details and the finished project:

Mystery + Manners by SpillyJane


medal-2014-MITTEN medal-2014-NORDIC


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